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Rapid Viral Titers

  • The gold standard viral titer method, the plaque assay, and other methods (TCID50) that are used to quantitate infectivity:
    • Take 5-10 days to produce an answer
    • Require a significant amount of skilled labor
    • Are subject to operator error and significant variability
    • Have low throughput – cannot easily be automated
    • Have a high cost per test


  • LumaCyte’s Radiance™ instrument:
    • Can detect and quantitate viral infection in mammalian cells in minutes
    • Is a rapid, automated system for the detection of viral loads, providing quick feedback on the viral infectivity of mammalian cells
    • Generates results that correlate closely with viral titer from plaque assay
    • Continuously monitors real-time viral load in bioreactors in order to optimize harvest time for maximal product yield
    • Is a useful tool for viral vector research/development and production


Please contact us at to discuss how we can lower the cost and improve the speed and quality of your viral titers!


The viral titer is determined using the gold standard plaque assay