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To greatly increase sample analysis throughput, an Autosampler is now available to allow unattended and automated analysis of up to 96 samples at a time. Autosampler was specifically designed to work with Radiance and is precision tuned for microfluidic flow rates.


                Announcing LumaCyte's Autosampler:


LumaCyte's Autosampler is a key upgrade for Radiance instrument.  It allows automated operation of Radiance to analyze multi-well plates with unattended operation. The Autosampler is fully programmable via software, Illuminate Sampler, that is seamlessly integrated with Radiance's Illuminate software suite giving users maximum flexibility and power for automating sample analyses.


Loading samples in a 96 well plate into LumaCyte's Autosampler connected to a Radiance instrument


To speak with one of our laser force cytology experts about product information and product support please contact us by phone (888) 472-9295 or email.