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Reflection is a data management and instrument automation software package for collecting and analyzing data from one or more Radiance instruments. Data is automatically transferred, indexed, archived, and analyzed from multiple Radiance instruments.

Universal data access for end-users is provided with a powerful, web-based data analysis tool that enables access to single and multiple data sets from any web browser.

Reflection offers:

  • Full-featured data analysis web application
  • Customizable manager/user notification system for instrument monitoring
  • Automated data analysis and report generation
  • Advanced data merge feature (distills multiple data sources from multiple samples collected from multiple instruments spanning multiple days, weeks, and even months, into a single experiment and report, all with a single mouse click.)
  • Built-in data archiving and indexing interface enabling extensive data mining across all analyzed samples using the familiar concepts of Masking and Gating found in the Illuminate Software Suite and other commercial cell analysis software packages.

Installation and deployment possible on a local server, in The Cloud, or on LumaCyte’s Luminous™ hardware, which is an all-in-one data management solution.