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Infectious Disease

Human red blood cell (RBC) stretching/deforming in Radiance

Human red blood cell (RBC) stretching/deforming in Radiance

Radiance instrument can:

  • Measure changes in red blood cell deformability associated with sepsis and other diseases

  • Measure mammalian cell infection with virus or bacteria

  • Discover and isolate populations of cells that have been phenotypically altered due to infection

  • Detect host response to virus, bacteria, or protozoans


The study of infectious disease is vital from the bench to the bedside, where a timely diagnosis can mean the difference between life and death.  Current classical and molecular microbiological methods are unable to discriminate between bacterial and viral infections to provide results in a timely fashion. This decision point is crucial, as the misuse of antibiotics leads to the emergence of resistant strains of bacteria and is estimated to cost the worldwide health care system tens of billions of dollars annually.  Recent studies [1-5] have instead focused on host white blood cell response biomarkers as a means of identifying and distinguishing infections in a more rapid fashion. 

LumaCyte’s label-free technology can measure host response and has successfully detected viral infection and bacterial exposure.  By identifying and collecting previously unknown populations of cells that have undergone subtle phenotypic changes, researchers have the potential to develop new biomarkers based on intrinsic properties opening new areas of scientific investigation and improving the speed and accuracy of diagnosis.

See a Cell Based Infectivity Tech Note featuring Zika virus infection data.



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