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There are many applications that benefit greatly from a label-free approach. Fundamentally, such an approach allows researchers to ask questions without the bias of antibody or genetic labels.


Infectivity studies, viral vectors, adventitious viruses, and correlates of protection


T-Cell activation, tumor cell, tissue, and circulating tumor cell (CTC) identification and characterization

Infectious disease

Viral and bacterial infection of mammalian cells

Phenotypic  drug discovery

Pre-clinical drug candidate screening, toxicology, and cell biology


Rapid detection and quantitation of viral vector production of proteins and antibodies during R&D and manufacturing. For viral safety, the rapid detection of adventitious viruses in bioreactors and production processes.

Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC)

Measure changes in optical forces and cytoskeletal changes (deformability) for differentiated and dedifferentiated cells



Other label-free applications

Gene expression

Identify and quantify changes in cellular properties upon modification of cellular genome (gene knock-outs/ins)

Cell clearance

Measurement of apoptosis and macrophage activity and disfunction


Changes in cellular phenotype due to epigenetics require label-free methods of analysis to understand changes happening outside of the genome


Quantify effects of radiation on cells without labels

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