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Cell Therapy


The use of Laser Force Cytology (LFC) and the Radiance instrument for cell therapy may prove valuable for speeding the process, driving costs lower, and ensuring therapy effectiveness while maintaining patient safety. The biomanufacturing process for chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cells (and related cell therapies) is fraught with difficult and time-consuming steps that require highly skilled scientists and bioengineers to produce T-cells that are engineered to attack a patient’s cancer.

LumaCyte’s Radiance instrument has application in all stages of the biomanufacturing process including 1) qualification/testing of patient samples, 2) monitoring the transfection or transduction of cells with the CAR gene of interest, 3) expansion/growth of the modified T-cells, 4) potency assays to gauge effectiveness of the modified T-cells, and possibly monitoring the progress of the therapy within the patient.


Visit TheCyte, LumaCyte’s blog for news, information, Article reviews, and tech notes related to single cell analysis.