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Radiance +Autosampler

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An automated high content single cell analysis platform


LumaCyte’s Radiance Laser Force Cytology (LFC) instrument is a high-content, microfluidic device that enables scientists and researchers to characterize individual cells based upon optical forces without the use of labels.

Differences in cell biochemistry, morphology, and deformability (cytoskeletal changes), which are often associated with viral infection, cancer, sepsis, and other diseases, give rise to detectable differences in optical force and deformability which are quantitated by Radiance.

Key Features

  • Microfluidics and laser based instrument for single cell analysis, real-time cellular imaging

  • Comprehensive Illuminate software suite that includes a powerful and intuitive interface to manage the instrument and analyze data.   

  • Integrated Autosampler for 96 well plate automated processing

  • Benchtop design with a footprint (26” D x 24” W x 36” H) that fits on a laboratory bench

  • Sensitive to phenotypic cellular changes including viral infection, cancer, cell differentiation

Select Applications

Vaccine developmentRapid viral titering and infectivity studies

Cell Therapy - Characterization of patient T-cells, viral infectivity, proliferation / scale-up monitoring, and potency assays

Viral safety - The broad based detection of adventitious viruses in bioreactors and production processes

Phenotypic drug discovery - Pre-clinical drug candidate screening, toxicology, and cell biology

Cancer - Tumor cell characterization from blood and solid tumors, and circulating tumor cell (CTC) for R&D and diagnostic

Process monitoring - Rapid detection and quantitation of viral vector production of proteins during R&D and manufacturing.


To speak with one of our Laser Force Cytology experts about product information and product support please contact us by phone (888) 472-9295 or email.


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