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Lighting the way to cell discovery.™

The discovery of new knowledge will come from an unbiased tool, one that is based on the intrinsic properties of the cells of interest. If one must know in advance what is being sought, then necessarily the outcome shall be biased towards what is understood rather than what is unknown or new.

LumaCyte™ produces instruments that enable cell biologists, biomedical researchers, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to characterize, select, and sort mammalian cell samples without the use of antibody labels.

Our innovative technology called Laser Force Cytology™ (LFC™) allows for the discovery, characterization, and sorting of cells from biological samples, including those from new, differentiated, or otherwise modified cell types. This advanced technology characterizes and sorts cells based upon their intrinsic physical, biochemical, and biological characteristics.

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Introducing Radiance™,
for label-free single cell analysis

Why label-free?

  • Offers the fundamental ability to discover and sort new cells and phenotypes

  • Enables the measurement of subtle changes in cells

  • Reduces sample preparation time and lowers cost per test

  • Antibodies have these limitations:

    • Are only available for known cell types

    • Can be poorly or not expressed on the cell surface

    • Can suffer from non-specific binding

    • Can cause biological changes in cells (membrane changes, and inflammatory responses)

  • Ultimately, these limitations of antibodies result in significant experimental bias

  • Genetic labels (e.g. green fluorescent protein, GFP) affect cells and cannot be used in biologic manufacturing

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