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Reshaping the World of Analytics, One Cell at a Time

The Predictive Power of Laser Force Cytology™ for Advanced Biomanufacturing

LumaCyte's Laser Force Cytology™ detects subtle phenotypic changes in cells, rapidly measuring quantitative early indicators of cellular response without the need for antibody or genetic labeling.

Laser Force Cytology™

LumaCyte’s label-free single-cell analysis platform, Radiance®, utilizing Laser Force Cytology™, delivers advanced analytics for real-time bioprocess monitoring and quality control strategies.

As a result, developers and manufacturers can now measure real-time process & product quality attributes that drive rapid process optimization and scale-up, enabling significant improvements in production quality, consistency, and yields across advanced biotherapeutic manufacturing.

Laser Force Cytology™ provides cellular analysis without bias, allowing scientists to transform bioprocesses within cell therapy, gene therapy, and vaccine development & production workflows.

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Laser Force Cytology™

Cell Therapy

Real-time, label-free cell characterization providing new process insights for autologous and allogeneic cell therapies, stem cell and phenotypic characterization of cells.

Gene Therapy

Accurate and precise AAV transfection and transduction monitoring enabling a more nuanced understanding of gene therapy potency and paving the way for personalized and optimized therapeutic strategies.


Real-time monitoring of critical quality attributes (CQAs) and critical process parameters (CPPs) including cell health characterization and potency.


Rapid viral infectivity for vaccine R&D, process development and optimization, manufacturing formulations, potency and neutralization assays.

Our Technology

Laser Force Cytology™

LumaCyte Laser Force Cytology™ (LFC) is transforming the status quo through its novel label-free, single cell advanced analytics. This revolutionary technology measures optical and fluidic forces on cells based upon intrinsic cellular dynamics without the need for antibody or genetic labeling. As a result, LFC brings new bioprocess knowledge that enables rapid optimization and provides scientists a real-time view into the subtle phenotypic changes occurring across their development and production assays.

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Platform Instrument

Laser Force Cytology™

Radiance® is a label-free, single cell solution for quantitative characterization of innate cellular responses where the use of antibody or fluorescent labeling is not required. Radiance® LFC optical and hydrodynamic force measurements deliver real-time bioprocess and production data insights that enable rapid optimization of key quality control strategies, where accurate and precise real-time data hold the keys to both accelerated development and improved production consistency.

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Laser Force Cytology™

ReportR™, LumaCyte’s fully automated cloud-based analysis and report generation software platform, takes the Radiance® user experience to the next level, delivering a more robust and efficient approach to traditional data analysis efforts. Experimental details are entered only once and then seamlessly carried through data acquisition, analysis, and reporting, maximizing efficiency, and ensuring experimental consistency.  As a result, LumaCyte’s end-to-end ReportR™ offering streamlines laboratory workflows and accelerates time to results (TTR).

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