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Broad & Deep Applicability

Cellular analysis without bias, allowing scientists to transform bioprocesses across advanced therapy development and production workflows.

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Laser Force Cytology™

Cell Therapy

Real-time, label-free cell characterization providing new process insights for autologous and allogeneic cell therapies, stem cell and phenotypic characterization of cells.

Gene Therapy

Accurate and precise AAV transfection and transduction monitoring enabling a more nuanced understanding of gene therapy potency and paving the way for personalized and optimized therapeutic strategies.


Automated workflow and analysis that enables real-time monitoring of key product quality attributes, ensuring improved process and product consistency.


Rapid viral infectivity for vaccine R&D, process development and optimization, manufacturing formulations, potency and neutralization assays.

How will you Harness the Power of Laser Force Cytology™ to Accelerate the Development and Production of Life Saving Therapies Faster than Ever Before?

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