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Software Solutions

Data Analysis and Report Generation

Elevate your research workflow with LumaCyte’s innovative software solution, ReportR™. Seamlessly integrated with LumaCyte’s Sampler software, ReportR™ ensures unparalleled efficiency and experimental consistency by allowing the entry of experimental details just once, carrying them through data acquisition, analysis, and reporting. This end-to-end cell analysis software not only enables the rapid analysis of multiple experiments simultaneously, but also facilitates the swift visualization of data within minutes of experimental completion.

Multivariate Analysis

Real-time multivariate data insights correlate tightly with ddPCR, flow cytometry, TCID50, plaque assays, and other legacy assays. Laser Force Cytology™ delivers a faster and more simplified QC compatible sample analysis compared with conventional label-based flow cytometry. Multivariate data can have significant benefits for qualitative and quantitative analytical modeling/calibration, and better predictive results versus simple univariate data sources.

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Software Solution

ReportR’s integration with LumaCyte’s Sampler software allows experimental details to be entered only once and then seamlessly carried through data acquisition, analysis, and reporting, maximizing efficiency and ensuring experimental consistency. Existing or newly developed methods can easily be applied to previous or new data sets allowing users the ability to fully automate the data analysis and reporting process.

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With the added advantage of multivariate analysis capabilities, ReportR™ empowers users to apply existing or newly developed methods to previous or new datasets, offering a fully automated and streamlined data analysis and reporting process.

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