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Cell Therapy

Providing New Insights to Cell Therapy Research and Process Development

Cell therapy is the administration of cells into the body to cure disease or promote healing. One form is using cells from the patient’s own body, modified either ex-vivo or within their native environment, called autologous therapy.  Several autologous chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-T cell therapies have been approved by the FDA and many more are the subject of ongoing clinical trials.  The other major type of cell therapy is called allogeneic therapy wherein cells are removed from an individual donor source and then manufactured for many patients and available “off-the-shelf”.  The ultimate goal for allogeneic therapies for many is the biomanufacturing of products from multiple donor sources, which are then pooled together in quantity and modified or processed before administration to other patients. Cell therapies include blood transfusions, stem cell transplants, gene modification cell therapy, and induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) therapy.

The Challenge

Cell therapy development and manufacturing face analytical challenges in ensuring the consistent quality, purity, and potency of therapeutic cells. Precise characterization, real-time monitoring, and standardized assays are critical for navigating the complexities of heterogeneous cell populations, optimizing processes, and meeting stringent regulatory requirements.

Our Solution

Leveraging the cutting-edge Laser Force Cytology™ (LFC) technology, Radiance® offers real-time, label-free analysis for the comprehensive monitoring of cellular fitness of starting materials and the precise quantification of potency. This capability allows researchers to gain valuable insights into cellular responses, including cell healthy, activation, differentiation, and killing efficiency, facilitating a deeper understanding of cellular behavior across important process development and production steps. The ability to monitor cellular processes in real-time insures developers and production scientists higher product consistency and quality. 

Rapid and Real-Time Analysis

LumaCyte’s Radiance® instrument employs Laser Force Cytology™ (LFC) technology for immediate and continuous monitoring of biophysical changes during cellular differentiation and activation processes.

Label-Free Measurements

The instrument provides label-free analysis, eliminating the need for external markers and allowing researchers to focus on the intrinsic properties of cells.

High Precision

Radiance® ensures highly precise measurements, offering researchers a detailed understanding of cellular responses during differentiation and activation, enhancing the overall characterization of cellular behavior.

Radiance® quickly measures significant biochemical & biophysical differences between starting material cells and changes to cells during the manufacturing process (differentiation, transduction, activation, and expansion). This provides real-time insights into cell conditions, saving valuable time and resources and enabling faster treatment of patients in need.

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Real-time label-free T-cell activation and CAR-T co-killing assays ensure product robustness and quality from process development all the way through consistent and repeatable manufacturing.

Stem Cells

Label-free analytics that track stem cell differentiation enables real-time process control beyond simple viability and proliferation, without the burden and bias of labels.

Understanding Macrophage Behavior Using Laser Force Cytology™

Macrophages play a vital role in cell therapy development as key regulators of the immune system, influencing the success and efficacy of therapeutic interventions.  They are also being investigated as immunotherapies themselves through the development of CAR-M cell therapies. Understanding and manipulating macrophage behavior is essential for creating strategies that optimize the interaction between transplanted cells and the host environment, ensuring improved tolerance and longevity of cell therapies.

LumaCyte’s Laser Force Cytology™ excels in characterizing macrophages by providing nuanced insights that traditional flow cytometry methods may overlook. Through its label-free, single-cell analysis capabilities, Laser Force Cytology™ reveals intricate details in macrophage behavior, allowing for the detection of subtle analytics that might go unnoticed using conventional techniques.

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