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Vaccines & Viral Infectivity

Rapidly Measuring Quantitative Early Indicators of Cellular Response to Viral Infection

The Challenge

A crucial measurement needed throughout vaccine development and manufacturing is the rapid quantification of viral infectivity or titer. Analytical monitoring of viral titer is important to help ensure predictable infection and expansion, maximum yield, and safety parameters, especially for cell cultured based processes. Variations in vaccine storage time, temperature, or formulation can also affect the number of infectious particles in a sample, necessitating a precise viral titer assay for potency. Traditional viral titering methods, such as plaque assays and TCID50, are time-consuming, labor-intensive, operator-dependent, and error-prone. These shortcomings lead to increased development time and cost, reduced formulation efficiency, need for over-formulation, shorter product shelf life, and difficulties in technology transfer across organizations and locations. 

Our Solution

LumaCyte’s Radiance® instrument serves as a comprehensive replacement for traditional viral titer assays with it’s ability to rapidly monitor the infectivity of live and attenuated viruses throughout an ongoing cell-based production process, allowing R&D, manufacturing, and QC departments to benefit dramatically from an accurate and precise viral titer assay throughout their workflows. Radiance® can also be used to verify that a virus has been properly neutralized or inactivated by demonstrating a lack of infectivity.

Rapid and Real-Time Monitoring

The advanced technology allows for quick and accurate measurements, providing researchers and manufacturers with timely data on viral activity.

Versatile Applications

Radiance® facilitates the monitoring of live and attenuated viruses during and after production, offering flexibility and applicability across various stages of the viral production process.

Inactivation Confirmation

By demonstrating a lack of infectivity, Radiance® ensures the effectiveness of viral inactivation processes, contributing to the safety and quality control measures in the development and production of viral-based products.

Where traditional methods take days to weeks, LumaCyte’s Laser Force Cytology™ and Radiance® instrument deliver precise, accurate, and real-time viral infectivity results in minutes.

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Potency Assays

Real-time potency assays significantly increase process knowledge, improving yields, and ensuring product consistency.

Neutralization Assays

Rapid viral infectivity for vaccine neutralization assays for clinical efficacy and durability testing.

Oncolytic Virus Analytics

Measuring phenotypic changes in cancer cells that are specifically targeted by oncolytic viruses.

VSV Infectivity Progression in Vero Cells

Using a combination of variables measured by Radiance®, an infection metric was developed that correlates strongly with the viral titer as measured by TCID50 and shortens the timeframe from infection to titer determination from 3 days to 16 hours – a 4.5 fold reduction. 

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