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Oncolytic Virus Analytics

Deeper Insights into the Therapeutic Effects of Oncolytic Viruses on Cancer Cells

The characterization of phenotypic changes in cancer cells targeted by oncolytic viruses faces significant challenges. Existing techniques often struggle to capture the dynamic and heterogeneous nature of these changes, limiting our ability to discern subtle alterations in cellular behavior. The evolving interplay between the oncolytic virus and cancer cells requires innovative analytical tools that can accurately profile intricate molecular and morphological transformations, posing a barrier to achieving a nuanced understanding of the therapeutic effects in real-world scenarios.

LumaCyte's Radiance® instrument utilizes Laser Force Cytology™ technology to precisely and rapidly measure phenotypic changes in cancer cells targeted by oncolytic viruses. Through label-free analysis, Radiance® provides real-time insights, enabling researching to capture and understand the dynamic alterations in cellular behavior induced by oncolytic viruses.

Monitoring the Oncolytic Effect of Talimogene Iaherparepvec (T-VEC) in Combination with the MEK Inhibitor Trametinib Using Laser Force Cytology™

The ability to rapidly and accurately determine the viral infectivity and oncolytic effects of drug candidates could help improve the speed of oncolytic vaccine R&D, product development, manufacturing, and efficacy monitoring. Here we present the results from monitoring T-VEC infection in melanoma cancer cells using Laser Force Cytology™. LumaCyte’s Radiance® instrument develops an infection metric that correlates well with the initial virus concentration, demonstrating the potential for rapid infectivity and oncolytic measurements using LFC™. In addition, through the use of multivariate analysis using LFC™ data, cells infected with T-VEC and treated with a MEK inhibitor can be differentated from cells treated with only T-VEC, demonstrating the ability of LFC™ to capture cellular changes.

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