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Powered by Illuminate™

Illuminate™ is LumaCyte’s premier single-cell analysis software suite for instrument control, data analysis, and conversion. This proprietary Laser Force Cytology™ software platform consists of three applications – Instrument, Analyzer, and Sampler – all designed for researchers, by researchers. Illuminate™, which is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, seamlessly integrates with modern laboratory procedures and practices. 

Instrument provides an intuitive control and monitoring interface for Radiance®

Real-time single-cell analysis software allows for auto-updating histograms and scatter plots
Create, save, and re-use custom interfaces for specific users, samples, and tasks
Advanced hardware logging and instrument health reports

Analyzer is a highly customizable, clutter-free interface for productive data examination from multiple sources

Compare multiple samples on scatter plots and histograms for real-time data visualization
Powerful sample population selection tools
Mask and gate concepts for extensive data mining and correlation examination
Interactive image and data navigation with scrollable single-cell images
Simple data export from entire 96-well plate

Sampler single-cell analysis software allows system control, sample loading, and sequence creation

Sample sequence files are used to define instrument settings and samples to be processed
Sequence file plate editor
Visual grid showing status of sample analyses

Sampler includes a user friendly and flexible sequence generator to enable rapid creation of plate sequences, sample names, and experimental details to be included in the data files. Simple controls are available to copy rows and columns to automate and speed plate design. Plate sequences can be saved and recalled to load commonly run plate layouts.

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