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What is Radiance®?

LumaCyte’s Radiance® platform instrument provides real-time, label-free, quantitative cell characterization analytics for better cellular characterization. Transforming the status quo, this capability enables manufacturers and production scientists to rapidly assess the quality of cellular starting materials and precisely optimize key production processes when manufacturing complex lifesaving biotherapeutics.

This revolutionary instrument utilizes Laser Force Cytology™ (LFC™) to measure cellular response and changes to their intrinsic biochemical and biophysical properties by measuring optical and fluidic forces on cells in a microfluidic device. Subtle cellular changes are precisely captured with the Radiance® automated workflow, allowing developers to measure real-time product quality attributes and immediately optimize processes, significantly improving both production quality and product yields. This includes both in-process analytics to inform and optimize the production process as well as offline release and potency assays used to ensure product quality and consistency.

Laser Force Cytology™

Key Features

96-well Plate Format

Radiance® has a 96-well plate format allowing for unattended, automated processing and analysis (100k cells in 200μL).

Flexibility and Power

Radiance® is fully programmable via Illuminate™ software suite, giving users maximum flexibility and power for automating sample analyses.

Viable Cells

Radiance® analyzes both adherent and suspension cells, providing unparalleled flexibility for diverse cell studies.


Sensitive to phenotypic changes including: early viral infection, cell differentiation, viability, transfection, biochemical exposure, etc.

Multivariate Analysis

Radiance® measures 20+ parameters per cell including velocity (optical force), shape, and deformability.

Small Benchtop Design

Benchtop design with a footprint (16″W × 24″D x 29″H) small enough to fit on any laboratory bench.

Why Radiance® as Your Advanced Analytical Solution?

Cellular analysis without bias, allowing developers to transform bioprocesses within cell therapy, gene therapy, and vaccine development and manufacturing workflows.

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Laser Force Cytology™

Cell Therapy

Real-time, label-free cell characterization providing new process insights for autologous and allogeneic cell therapies, stem cell and phenotypic characterization of cells.

Gene Therapy

Accurate and precise AAV transfection and transduction monitoring enabling a more nuanced understanding of gene therapy potency and paving the way for personalized and optimized therapeutic strategies.


Automated workflow and analysis that enables real-time monitoring of key product quality attributes and ensures improved process and product consistency.


Rapid viral infectivity for vaccine R&D, process development and optimization, manufacturing formulations, potency and neutralization assays.

LumaCyte’s premier single-cell analysis software suite for instrument control, data analysis, and conversion.

This proprietary Laser Force Cytology™ software platform consists of three applications – Instrument, Analyzer, and Sampler – all designed by and for scientists and bioengineers. Illuminate™, which is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, seamlessly integrates with modern laboratory procedures and practices.

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