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Rapid In-Process Measurement of Live Virus Vaccine Potency Using Laser Force Cytology: Paving the Way for Rapid Vaccine Development

Vaccines, 2022
Reilly McCracken, Noor Al-Nazal, Travis Whitmer, Sijia Yi, James M. Wagner, Colin G. Hebert, Matthew J. Lowry, Peter R. Hayes, James W. Schneider, Todd M. Przybycien and Malini Mukherjee

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Viral Infectivity Quantification and Neutralization Assays Using Laser Force Cytology

Springer Methods and Protocols, Vaccine Delivery Technology, 2020
Colin G. Hebert, Keya L. Rodrigues, Nicole DiNardo, Anna-Barbara Hachmann

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Single-Cell Analysis (Global) New Product Innovation Award

Frost & Sullivan, 2019

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MEK inhibition enhances oncolytic virus immunotherapy through increased tumor cell killing and T cell activation

Science Translational Medicine, 2018
Praveen K. Bommareddy, Salvatore Aspromonte, Andrew Zloza, Samuel D. Rabkin, and Howard L. Kaufman

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Rapid quantification of vesicular stomatitis virus in Vero cells using Laser Force Cytology

Vaccine, 2018
Colin G. Hebert, Nicole Dinardo, Zachary L. Evans, Sean J. Hart, Anna-Barbara Hachmann

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Label-Free Detection of Bacillus anthracis Spore Uptake in Macrophage Cells Using Analytical Optical Force Measurements

Analytical Chemistry, 2017
Colin G. Hebert, Sean J. Hart, Tomasz A. Leski, Alex Terray, and Qin Lu

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Label free detection of pseudorabies virus infection in Vero cells using laser force analysis

Analyst, 2014
Colin G. Hebert, Sean J. Hart, and Alex Terray

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Toward Label-Free Optical Fractionation of Blood—Optical Force Measurements of Blood Cells

Analytical Chemistry, 2011
Colin G. Hebert, Alex Terray, and Sean J. Hart

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