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Our team had an amazing time at ISCT 2024 in Vancouver, Canada! The event was filled with inspiring talks focused on advancing cell therapy development and how to scale the manufacturing of these lifesaving therapies. Engaging with experts from across the globe on how we together can breakthrough sector challenges and collaborate to drive novel solutions forward was encouraging. It was great to hear the excitement and support for LumaCyte’ label-free, single-cell Radiance® instrument and the power that real-time precision analytics can have in accelerating the delivery of patient treatment.  

The conference emphasized three key takeaways critical to the future of cell therapy development and manufacturing: (1) the urgency of real-time Process Analytical Technology (PAT) adoption and implementation to enable continuous monitoring and improved process control strategies, (2) the need for enhanced characterization of cell therapy donor material, above and beyond mere viability, and (3) the practical application of advancements in AI/ML for predictive insights that can drive efficiency and innovation. 

As one of ISCT’s newest industry members, LumaCyte was thrilled to showcase the Radiance® instrument and its ability to bridge the analytics gap across the cell therapy continuum.  From the exhibition floor to poster sessions to panel presentations – Radiance® was on display as a technology that swiftly tracks cell health and identifies specific shifts in cell populations, offering a comprehensive, sophisticated, and efficient solution that meets regulatory requirements and ensures potency throughout every phase of cell therapy development.  

Panel Discussion: Our CEO and CSO, Sean Hart, PhD, spoke on the critical role of PAT analytics and machine learning in enhancing cell therapy manufacturing quality and consistency. He highlighted that investing in cellular PAT is a fraction of the cost compared to failed development programs, underscoring the immense value robust process and production analytics hold in ensuring successful manufacturing and clinical outcomes. 

NIST Collaboration: Sumona Sarkar, PhD, Biomedical Engineer at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), presented a poster on novel and fit for purpose methods for cell viability monitoring. Using LumaCyte’s Radiance®, Sarkar demonstrated the predictive power of our label-free, real-time platform and how it can lead to improved process optimization and new insights into cell fitness and cell viable state performance. 

Customer Testimonial: Nooshafarin Sanaie, PhD, Vice President of Process Development at Poseida Therapeutics, Inc., presented to a standing-room-only crowd on the integration of machine learning and AI into complex cell therapy manufacturing steps. Her presentation showcased LumaCyte’s Radiance® instrument and its predictive multivariate capability to assess and characterize donor cellular starting materials, enabling a rapid understanding of innate cellular response and how this invaluable data can open the door to predicting outcomes.  

Conferences like ISCT 2024 Vancouver leave you filled with energy and excitement for the future. The passion and commitment to accelerating the development and manufacturing of these lifesaving treatments for patients in need was infectious. We are humbled and honored to work in an industry that strives every day to find the next breakthrough. Thank you ISCT for the opportunity to be part of your mission. We look forward to transforming the status quo through novel precision analytics and doing our part to ensure that the absolute best tools and insights are in your hands as we together build for the future.  

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