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Technical Notes

AAV2 Transduction Analytics with Laser Force Cytology™

LumaCyte’s Radiance® instrument and Laser Force Cytology™ technology allows for the precise and accurate measurement of AAV transduced cells without relying on helper viruses or specific cell lines, accelerating the production of life saving gene therapy products and improving the quality and consistency of key production processes.

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Real-Time Infectivity Monitoring for Measles Vaccine Production

Application of LFC™ as a valuable process analytical technology (PAT) to measure potency of live virus vaccines (LVVs) in upstream biomanufacturing processes with the goal of improving the speed, efficiency and quality of vaccine development and manufacturing.

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Radiance® Rapid Viral Quantification of Adenovirus Infection of HEK293 Cells with Label-Free Laser Force Cytology™

Rapid quantification of adenovirus infection with LFC™ and Radiance® illustrating significant shifts in multiple optical force metrics correlating with titer within 2 days post infection, ultimately aiding the ability to precisely measure unknown titers and reducing time to viral quantification.

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Radiance® Label-Free Monitoring of AAV Transfection in HEK293 Cells Using Laser Force Cytology™

Here we present the application of LFC™ and Radiance® to improve the characterization of cell-based AAV transfection and production, improving the efficiency and accuracy of both processes, shortening development time, and demonstrating the utility of LFC™ for rapid process monitoring.

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Radiance® Rapid Label-Free Monitoring of Coronavirus Infectivity

Here we present LFC™ as a technology that increases the speed and precision of viral titer measurements, enabling compression of important R&D efforts and the improvement of scale-up and production timelines, as well as formulations, release assays, and viral safety testing timelines.

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Zika virus neutralization using Laser Force Cytology™

Here we present the application of LFC™ and Radiance® to directly assess the neutralization potential of antibodies against specific viruses (Zika virus in particular), offering invaluable insights into the development and testing of vaccines and therapies.

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Laser Force Cytology™ (LFC™) Monitoring of Influenza Virus Infection

Here we present the utility for using LFC™ as a rapid, quantitative method to assess viral infectivity for use in real-time bioreactor monitoring and other applications including neutralization assays.

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Radiance® Label-Free T-cell Activation Monitoring

Here we present LFC™ as a technology that enables a rapid and sensitive method of monitoring T-cell activation using a combination of optical pressure and microfluidics to measure intrinsic biophysical and biochemical changes in cells.

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