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Process Optimization & Scale Up

Laser Force Cytology™ Guides Process Optimization and Bioproduction Outcomes

Process optimization and scale-up considerations serve as linchpins for the successful and efficient production of biopharmaceuticals. Optimization entails fine-tuning various parameters, such as cell culture conditions, media formulations, and purification processes, to enhance productivity and yield while maintaining product quality. Simultaneously, scale-up considerations involve seamlessly transitioning processes from small-scale laboratory settings to large-scale production, ensuring that the increased volume does not compromise the integrity of the final product.

The real-time, label-free nature of Laser Force Cytology™ enables instant detection of variations or anomalies in cell behavior, allowing for timely interventions and adjustments to maintain optimal process conditions. The integration of Radiance® instrument data further enhances this monitoring by offering comprehensive information on key parameters, facilitating a holistic view of the entire production run. Together, LFC and Radiance® empower biomanufacturers with the tools needed to proactively manage and optimize production processes, ensuring consistency, quality, and efficiency in the manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals.

Real-time Optimization of Culture Conditions

Radiance® Process Development Application Data

Shown in the graph are results from a viral process optimization experiment designed to determine the optimal multiplicity of infection (MOI).
By tracking the Radiance® infection metric in real-time throughout the production process, a variety of process conditions can be quickly screened without having to perform lengthy and resource-intensive assays such as plaque/TCID50, PCR, or ELISA. The infection metric can also be tracked to optimize the harvest timepoint and conditions, allowing for the investigation of a wider range of process conditions than might be possible when analytical results are bottlenecked due to a cumbersome offline assay.

How will you Harness the Power of Laser Force Cytology™ to Accelerate the Development and Production of Life Saving Therapies Faster than Ever Before?

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